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L'amuse Signature Gouda - 2+ Year 1/2 lb

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L'amuse Signature Gouda

The Cheese - L'amuse is an example of the best possible expression of an idea. Aged gouda is a ubiquitous cheese but this example rises above. Betty and Martin Koster of Fromagerie L'amuse buy young wheels from Cono Cheesemakers, a cooperative that produces the famed Beemster gouda and then age them in their own facility. Their facility is warmer and much more similar to a Parmigiano cellar. This warmer aging temperature gives L'amuse a superb rounded flavor and lots of depth. 

Made by:Cono Cheesemakers Cooperative, Aged by Fromagerie L'amuse

From: Westbeemster, Netherlands

Pasteurized Cow Milk, Traditional Rennet