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  • Haku - Matsutake Shoyu - Mongers' Provisions
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Haku - Matsutake Shoyu

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The masters at Haku create progressive sauces from the next generation of Shoyu Masters in Kyoto. Following traditions dating back 3,000 years, while introducing new techniques and ingredients to produce an exceptional product worthy of their ancestor's approval. Shoyu is a soy sauce mixture of soya beans and wheat. Shoyu is the most important condiment used to flavor food and also used to cook with in Japanese culture. These master craftsmen have perfectly paired the individual qualities of Shoyu and Matsutake mushrooms to create a symphony of flavors unrivaled by any Shoyu today. Complex aromas of earthy must, leather, fermented soybeans and White Pepper are present on the nose while flavor notes of Savory, Umami, Fungal, and hints of pine fill the palate.


From: Haku, Japan

Ingredients: Water, Soybeans, Salt, Wheat, Matsutake Mushroom, Alcohol.