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Smoking Goose - Capocollo Di Dorman - 1/2 lb

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We love this coarsely-ground but tender salame from Smoking Goose in Indianapolis! Why? Well it is super flavorful, and has the perfect amount of kick. It isn't crazy spicy, but it ain't mild either. Capocollo is a fantastic addition to any charcuterie board, or pair it with a little Salami Milano and/or Soppressata to make a killer Italian style sandwich.

Net Wt 1/2 lb

From Smoking Goose- 

"capocollo di dorman

pork collar salame with paprika, white wine, crushed red pepper, black pepper, coriander, and juniper berries.

what's in a name

smoking goose's downtown indianapolis meatery is on dorman street, named after the grandson of Indiana's fourth governor.

serving suggestions

Play off our Capocollo di dorman's gentle heat by pairing with sweet or sour condiments like pickled veg and fruit preserves. Slices stay tender between bread for sandwiches, but for a first course, ribbon slices over fresh mozzarella and ripe tomatoes (or roasted red peppers in the off-season) before drizzling with a fruity olive oil."