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  • Brabander Goat Milk Gouda 1/2 lb - Mongers' Provisions
  • Brabander Goat Milk Gouda 1/2 lb - Mongers' Provisions
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Brabander Goat Milk Gouda 1/2 lb

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Brabander is made from the milk of Saanen goats from the Brabant region of Holland. The cheese is sweet and firm with great notes of caramel. Aged for 6 to 9 months, it gets great flavor but isn't as hard or crystallized as older goudas. 

The Maker - Betty and Martin Koster scour Holland for great cheese. They then ripen the wheels in caves with higher than usual ambient temperatures which give the cheese a fuller flavor.


Exported by: Fromagerie L'amuse/ Essex Cheese

Aged By: Fromagerie L'amuse

Origin: Brabant, Holland

Aging: 6-9 Months

Milk type: Pasteurized Goat Milk

Rennet type: Vegetarian Rennet