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Whether you want to bring your team together or connect with you clients, one of our virtual cheese tasting events is a fun and unique way to entertain remotely. We can do a variety of formats with wine and without.  


What does one of our private virtual tasting events include? 

Our most common format is a cheese and wine tasting. We usually include four cheeses, two bottles of wine and a bar of chocolate. Each attendee receives a box with the items in the tasting, a menu and a link to participate in the live online tasting. Most boxes are enough for two people to participate. We can also do virtual chocolate tastings 

We can also do cheese only, chocolate specific events and events with both cheese and charcuterie. 

What does an event cover? 

We strive to create events that are fun, educational and most importantly, full ovirtual cheese tastingf delicious food. We will talk about where the products are from, what makes them special and the makers behind them. Events usually last about an hour to an hour and a half. We allow time for Q&A. On larger events, we have a second person online to moderate the chat, feed questions to the presenter and answer additional questions. 

Where can we deliver the events? 

We can ship tastings nationwide given adequate time. We have done single events with attendees throughout the country. Events with wine have some limitations regarding shipping. Please inquire if you are interested in an event including wine with attendees outside of Michigan. 

How much do they cost?

Pricing is per tasting box and generally as follows:

  • Cheese Tasting With Wine Pairings - $100 for two bottles of wine, $80 for one wine
  • Cheese & Chocolate Only - $60
  • Inquire about pricing for customized formats

Shipping and Delivery

We usually deliver in Detroit and the inner-ring suburbs for free. You are welcome to pick up boxes and distribute them yourselves or have us deliver multiple boxes to a few addresses to reduce delivery costs.

Outside of metro-Detroit, we ship boxes to the attendees. To get an accurate quote for the shipping, we will need a list of the addresses. Shipping a cheese tasting to Arizona in August requires different consideration than one going to Chicago or New York. As a ballpark, shipping to the West Coast generally costs $30-$60, whereas a shipment to New York might cost $15-$40 depending on the temperatures and event timing.

How Many People Can You Accommodate?

Events can be anywhere from four attendees to over sixty! The largest virtual event we have done to date is 139 attendees. We do have a minimum price of $600 to do a private event at this time regardless of the number of attendees, so more than four people (or tasting kits) is recommended.