Stay Warm this Winter with Cheese and Chocolate. Your Body Needs It! - Mongers' Provisions

Stay Warm this Winter with Cheese and Chocolate. Your Body Needs It!

It’s cold, I might even go so far as to say friggin’ cold and your body needs fat. It’s calling out for it, and do you know what’s mostly made of fat and delicious? Cheese. This should be a no-brainer. Come add extra body warmth with us, we’re doing it too. I ripped a pair of pants the other day and made myself feel better with chocolate. There is no judgement here, only goodness at Mongers’. Resisting will only make us give more samples. Don’t make me come over there.

Sorry about that, low blood sugar. Anyway, there’s more ways to keep warm with cheese this winter than just growing blubber. We have all sorts of cheeses that melt lovingly into your favorite fondue pot. Comte and Challerhocker are appropriate and traditional, while American melters like Toma or Ewereka offer a lovely meltability. Even a gouda fondue wouldn’t be kicked out of my pot for eating crackers (just don’t serve it to a Swiss person).


But when you talk of melted cheese, you can’t forget one of our favorites. It’s Raclette season, which for the uninitiated is a glorious waterfall of melted cheese. There are many different ways to raclette; from the scraping a wheel method you’ll find at a full-on raclette restaurant, to a foil tray on your cleanest radiator. There is no excuse not to get your raclette on.

Looking for alternatives? We also have more chocolate warming options than ever before. From the returning Dick Taylor drinking chocolate, to charming little hot chocolate Hungarians from Rozsavolgyi Csokolade, these will make you feel warm and toasty. Have your own drink in mind? We now offer a few different cacao bitters to chocolatize your favorite hot toddy, seasonal cocktail or whatever wassail you and yours prefer wassailing with.

Hot Chocolate Rozsavolgyi Csokolade

Finally, we have a hot new location, officially open, to warm up and stock up in. Mongers’ Provisions Detroit passed inspection and opened just in time for Noel Night. Now, the same cheese, chocolate, and charcuterie experience, with a couple Detroit exclusives, is in full swing in the Cass corridor only steps from all sorts of hipness.

So stay warm and gooey, and if you make it through the freeze we’ll see you in for some provisions.

-Zack "Socks" Rovinsky