New Year, New Stuff - Mongers' Provisions

New Year, New Stuff

It’s a new year people, a time when folks’ thoughts focus on change. What are we gonna do differently this year? How long will it take to air out the stink of last year? I know what we’re gonna be doing here at Mongers’ Provisions: take our beautiful new Detroit store and cram it with a bunch of beautiful new stuff.

Having more space to ourselves in Detroit means we get to mong even more categories of provisions, and we’ve been bringing in all sorts of condiments, beverages, and expanding our offering of apparel, and meaty goodness.

We can’t stand to hear ourselves think, so what better solution than the reassuring hum of a beverage cooler! We now have some lovely organic soft drinks from the fine folks at Wisco Pop in lemon and strawberry; in addition to San Pellegrino waters both flavored and unflavored, and Sant Aniol mineral water both gassed and ungassed. There’s even a bit of Cultivo cold brew coffee that the Mongers have been using as a wakeup.


 Since we’re separated from our buddies at Farm Field Table in the Cass Corridor location, we couldn’t bear to be without their meat (heads out of the gutter) for long so we put in a whole meat case here. We’ve been keeping it stocked with FFT steaks and pork, in addition to some wonderful Nueskie’s bacon, and a couple enticing Spanish sausages. We even took our first dip into the sea of fine Spanish canned fish if that’s your bolso.

We also recently rolled out our winter 18/19 mongers fashion collection, and now you too can look like you cut cheese for a living (beard and suspenders not included). In addition to a stunning new brick red “Zach Berg is My Cheesemonger” shirt, we have a handsome brown one that reads “More Cacao, Less Caca” so you can communicate to the world your love of both chocolate and toilet humor. Finally, for the wee-uns, we have “Cheesemonger in Training” as both a toddler shirt and a onesie. Because it’s never too early to start saddling your kids with expectations.

More Coco, Less Caca

Last, but not least, we’ve had a massive boon to our condiment collection.  A couple flavors from our friends at Gus and Grey jams, including their Apricot and Quince have been added to the repertoire, both beautiful in their own way.  We also have some membrillo paste (a classic with Manchego) for the spanophiles. There’s even a good bit more nontraditional cheese accompaniments like Michigan-made maple syrup from Maple View Farm, and the world’s best and most decorated mustard from Boetje’s.

All this is not meant to push our Ferndale location out of focus. We still have the same great selection and mongers north of 8 mile. Still, as I had to learn at 2 when my parents brought home my little brother, sometimes you have to make room for more.

With all that, it’s no wonder we got some shopping baskets too to help corral your provisions. That’s not even everything new that we’ve been mongering in midtown; you’ll just have to come by, have a look, and get a taste. Happy new year to all, and to all a good snack.

-Zack "Socks" Rovinsky