An April Full of Mongers' Events! - Mongers' Provisions

An April Full of Mongers' Events!

It’s still cold (lousy Smarch weather), and windy now too. Clearly there is no reason to go outside right now other than to visit your Mongers, and then right after that is another frigid, miserable excursion back with your mongings. Clearly the solution is to not leave and spend some more time kibitzing with your favorite Mongers.


Politeness and social norms do tend to move people through our store somewhat quickly. This is especially true in Ferndale where every new person squeezing in on a busy day physically squeezes someone out. Still, now that we have so much real estate down in Cass Corridor it can be more of a browser’s paradise, and now that we have stools for our counter why not pull one up and chill/warm for a bit.


What, you need a reason to sit around Mongers’ for a while? Are we not good enough for you? Are my socks not interesting enough? Well how’s this for a reason snooty: in addition to being able to dine in with the grilled cheeses and hot chocolate, or even your own custom charcuterie selection, we are now having themed monthly tasting events and more!

That’s right; after the rousing success of our Valentine’s day chocolate tasting (and the resulting engagements) and our Spanish night (I still haven’t stopped lisping) we will be doing a monthly tasting engagement at the beginning of each month so we can better share some of our favorite provisions with a captive audience. The theme for April is going to be (Easter) Island Chocolates and Alpine Cheeses, so bring some gum or something for when your ears pop, and remember your fondues and fondon’ts. 

We're also going to offer up an opportunity for you to learn how to make a cheeseboard, just like the Mongers'! 

We’ve been doing more in the way of private tastings, if you’re not into our themes, or you just prefer to not let strangers see you eat cheese, we can do something for just you and yours that’s a little more in depth and can reach across the whole case.


Basically, we’re like your Mother, we love you and want to see you more. We give you cheese, and we love your lovin'.


P.S. Check out all our events here!