A Chocolaty & Cheesy Valentine's Day - Mongers' Provisions

A Chocolaty & Cheesy Valentine's Day

It’s February and, once we get past the shenanigans with weather-forecasting rodents and Bill Murray, thoughts turn to love; at least, the flowers and candy Hallmark version of love. As far as us mongers go, that means Chocolate gets top billing for the month. 

To that idea, we have made some wonderfully sharable additions to our chocolate department starting with what’s been making our glasses fog up: our own hot chocolate! Will has been in the lab on this one; blending lovely single-origin chocolate from Solstice with some secret spices and a dash of Fee Brothers Aztec chocolate bitters. It all adds up to a hot cup of goodness you’ll have trouble keeping to yourself. Just remember; there’s no more socially acceptable way to swap spit than on the lid of a cup of delicious cocoa. 




If you need something a little more giftable for your sweetheart, we also recently received some beautiful boxes of bourbon-infused, chocolate-covered caramels from our sugar daddies at Fruition. That’s in addition to the lovely gift sets of bars that we have from Marou and Perennial or, if you’re going all out (or apologizing for something), the Pump Street library of bars is either a very nice box of chocolates or a cheap trip around the world.




If you’re looking to skip the restaurant experience on V-day (highly recommended) we have some provisions for the perfect date night in too. We are thrilled to have just gotten a beer and wine license here in our Detroit store, and we already have a fascinating selection of beer, wine, and cider. Add a Farm Field Table chuck-eye roast and that slow cooker you got for Christmas and have been meaning to use more, and you have a perfect Valentine’s without the crowds and stressed waiters.




Of course, we can’t just leave the cheese out completely. We have grilledcheeses going in midtown so you can try and get a Lady and the Tramp photo with you, your hunny, and a string of mozzarella. There’s also a lovely fondue set for more alpine romantic experiences, or just a chunk of Parmigiano to delight your S.O. and also acknowledge the Italian origins of the historical Saint Valentine himself.







What I’m ultimately trying to say is; if we can’t find something to get your juices flowing, you could always try taking a Monger home. Lord knows I was just gonna spend the 14th with my cat.