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Vorderfultigen - Juscht 1/2 lb

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It is made by Urs Leuenberger who also makes Le Gruyère AOP at his Dairy Vorderfultigen in the area where Fribourg meets the canton of Bern. The specialty is released from the dairy at 30 days before being transferred to Gourmino’s mountain cave in Reichenbach. Here the affineurs treat the “Jùscht” wheels two times a week for an additional 4-6 weeks. The natural climate in the mountain is perfect for the aging of Jùscht.

Jùscht is a young cheese, aged three and a half months total. Its youthfulness reveals itself on the nose and palate, where it shows a smooth and supple texture (no crystals), a sweet yeastiness, and aromas and flavors of muesli milk – milk that has absorbed the flavors of muesli. Jùscht’s flavor profile makes it a perfect breakfast or snacking cheese. It is so decadent that you will not be able to stop at just one bite.


Origin: Switzerland

Age: 3.5 months

Milk Type: Raw Cow Milk

Rennet Type: Traditional