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  • Som Cane Cordial Thai Basil - Mongers' Provisions
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Som Cane Cordial- Thai Basil

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Som is a zero-proof cane vinegar cordial made from organic cane vinegar, cane sugar, and the addition of whole fruits, spices, and botanicals that macerate in the vinegar to impart their unique flavor profiles. this extraordinary herbaceous and floral notes with an incredible scent. This is bursting with intense basil, mint, and pepper flavors. Thai Basil Som is a refreshing drink with mild acidity and a sweet finish.

Mixes well with Vodka, Gin, Rum, and Bourbon


Origin: Portland, OR

Ingredients: Organic cane vinegar, cane sugar, Thai basil, citric acid, sea salt, and ascorbic acid

16.9 oz/ 480ml