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Rozsavolgy- Chuao Ven 73%

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This dark Venezuela bar from Rozsavolgyi Chocolate tastes of dried cherry and raspberry. It has bright fruit notes that fade into a dark creamieness.

"The Chuao plantations has been there for over 400 years growing Criollo and hybrid varieties of cacao. Chuao beans are of very high quality, and are considered world's finest beans together with Porcelana Blanca beans from Lake Maracaibo[citation needed] extremely rare and celebrated for their freshness. They are also the most expensive in the world. The Chuao region is hemmed in by mountains which reduces contact with people and insects from other areas. Scarcely 20 tons of cocoa are available each year. In November 2000, the Chuao cacao beans were awarded an appellation of origin under the title Cacao de Chuao, allowing producers to negotiate higher prices and attract investment.

Experts agree that the high quality of the cacao beans of Chuao is not only because the genetic varietal that exists in the plantation but because the intense work of La Empresa Campesina of Chuao during the pre harvest, harvest and post harvest.

The Empresa Campesina of Chuao is a female-run company and the only organization with the right to harvest the Chuao plantation. Their farming, fermenting and drying techniques have been passed on from generation to generation and because of this the high quality of the Chuao cacao beans remains constant through the years." Wikipedia -

Net weight: 70 g