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  • La Quercia ACORN EDITION Tamworth Prosciutto 1/4 lb - Mongers' Provisions
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La Quercia

La Quercia- Acorn Tamworth Prosciutto 1/4 lb

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Coming from one farm in Missouri, this prosciutto is truly an exceptional domestic product. Tamworth hogs from Russ Kremer's farm in Missouri are cured by La Quercia and aged for over 30 months. These hogs spend their last four months foraging an Ozark Mountain hillside where acorns and hickory nuts make up an estimated 65-70% of their diet. Before this, they were pasture-raised on the same farm. The result is an incredibly deeply flavored ham with notes of soy sauce and tons of umami. Despite the aging, it is still moist and not overly salty. 

Made by: La Quercia

Origin:  Norwalk, Iowa

Farmer: Russ Kremer, Osage County, Missouri

Aging: 30-36 Months

Ingredients: Pork, Sea Salt