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  • Kaserei Butschwill- Guntensberg 1/2 lb - Mongers' Provisions
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Kaserei Butschwill

Kaserei Butschwill- Guntensberg 1/2 lb

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Güntensberg is the namesake cheese of the family behind the dairies of Bütschwil and Bodmen in the historic Toggenburg region of Northeast Switzerland. Third-generation cheesemaker Reto Güntensperger makes this variation on Appenzeller using his own house-made cultures & raw, whole milk.

Güntensberg’s golden brown rind encases a densely creamy body that releases a bright lactic blast, warming into notes of buttered popcorn, cream & egg yolks.

Origin: Saint Gallen, Switzerland

Age: 5 months 

Milk Type: Raw Cows Milk

Rennet Type: Traditional