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Hook's 20 Year Cheddar - Pre-Order Only for Memorial Day

Hook's 20 Year Cheddar - Pre-Order Only for Memorial Day

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We are offering a Pre-Order sale on a very limited cheese. Hook's Cheddar from Mineral Point Wisconsin is releasing a 20 year cheddar this year on Memorial day to celebrate Tony Hook's 50th year making cheese. Tony is 67 now and you can imagine he has learned a thing or two about cheese since he was 17. Hook's released a 20 year Cheddar once before in 2015 and the cheese sold out in about five days! 

The cheese is supposed to be much smoother and more buttery than younger cheddar. Hook's was one of the pioneers in the game of extra-aged cheddar. When they started doing it, most people weren't going much beyond two years. They now sell cheddar of various ages from one year to twelve years and even a fifteen year occasionally. 

We regularly stock their 8 year cheddar and are really excited to compare it to this 20 year batch. 

The amounts you can order are a pre-order deposit. We will adjust the final amount you pay at pick up to match the exact weight of the cheese either refunding or adding slightly if the piece is cut under or over your pre-order quantity. 

Pre-orders are on a first-come first-serve basis: The people who order first will get first priority on the quantity that we receive. We may get limited supplies and may not be able to fill all or any of these pre-orders. In the event that this happens, we will provide you with a full refund.