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Hard Board

Hard Board

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With age comes refinement, and this collection of cheeses holds its own. Essentially, it’s our Ferndale Standard board hardened by time and the love of an affineur (AKA someone who ages cheese). This board might include cheeses like clothbound Cheddar, aged Gouda and Pecorino Toscano. Regular for up to 15 guests and small for groups up to 10.

Regular / Small
  • Four cheeses total 2.6 lb reg/ 2 lb small
  • Fresh baked baguette 2 reg / 1 small
  • Craft chocolate bar 2 reg / 1 small

      If you want more cheese variety, we suggest our Monger's Choice board.

      Boards are presented on handcrafted wood...we want your guests to be just as impressed with our presentation as they are with our products. The boards are intended to be returnable, and we do authorize a deposit for their full retail price upon pickup.  Should you decide to keep the board, we will simply charge your card for the purchase price.
      Pick Up:  
      Boards are available for pick up after 3 pm on the day that they are due unless prior arrangements have been made.  

      Orders over $400 will be delivered within 15 miles of Ferndale for free. Delivery may be possible on smaller orders for an additional charge. Please call us to inquire if you need your tray delivered.