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  • Gourmino- Gruyere 12-14 Month 1/2lb - Mongers' Provisions
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Gourmino- Gruyere 12-14 Month 1/2lb

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Gruyere's history goes back to the year 1115: the milk from the picturesque villages of the Gruyère region was processed by the local cheesemakers into a remarkable product with a strong character. Gourmino has a group of cheesemakers making three different levels of Gruyere; Mild, Surchoix, and Reserve.  This one is the Surchoix and it is excellent. You get notes of stone fruit, boiled ham, chestnuts and vanilla.


Aging Origin: Kandertal, Switzerland

Age: 12 months

Milk Type: Raw Cow Milk

Rennet Type: Traditional