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  • Essex Wilde Weide - 1/3 lb - Mongers' Provisions
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Essex- Wilde Weide - 1/3 lb

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 The organic farm, which was originally built during the 1700s, has a herd of Montbeliarde and red Friesian cows that graze on the island pastures throughout the year. They produce Wilde Weide, which translates as “wild meadow,” Wilde Weide has a firm, straw yellow paste with a few well-shaped eyes and a speckling of amino acid crystals. On the palate the cheese has a distinct texture, crumbling into fine fragments before melting completely. The cheese is creamy and mildly sharp, with notes of hazelnut, butter, whey, and bourbon, and a long finish. 


Origin: Holland

Milk Type: Raw cow's milk

Rennet Type: Traditional