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Edmond Fallot

Edmond Fallot - Pinot Noir Mustard

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Named after the town of Dijon in Burgundy, France, dijon mustard has been a part of the French tradition since 1856. Pinot Noir Dijon Mustard is an exquisite combination of dijon mustard and Napa Valley’s Pinot Noir. With its elegantly rich flavor achieved by grape must, mustard seeds, red cabbage, and sweet Pinot Noir wine. it is a rich condiment perfect for adding to your salad, pasta, fish, and red meat recipes!


Origin: BEAUNE, France

Ingredients:  Grape must 26%, Water, Mustard seeds, Vinegar, Red cabbage, Red wine natural flavor 4%, Salt, Pinot Noir wine 3% (with sulphites), Sugar, Spices

7.4oz/ 210g