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  • Ducktrap - Kendall Brook Smoked Salmon - Mongers' Provisions
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Ducktrap - Kendall Brook Smoked Salmon

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The natural beauty of the Kendall Brook flowing into the Ducktrap River is inspiration to create a smoked salmon of exceptional quality. It begins from fresh Atlantic salmon fillets that are then cold smoked in Maine. The craftsmanship of Kendall Brook Salmon is revered by chefs and food lovers across the country. The fresh fillets are dry brined and slowly cold smoked with a unique recipe blend of local maple, oak, cherry and apple woods. A deep trim and a meticulous inspection ensure every package meets our company's high standards. This ready to eat salmon is thinly sliced, and skinless. The pin bones have been removed


Origin: Belfest, ME

Ingredients: Atlantic Salmon(salmo salar)(color added through feed), salt, cane sugar, dill, black pepper

4oz/ 113g