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Donostia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Donostia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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A fantastic value! If you need an everyday olive oil for anything from salads to finishing dishes, look no further. This Spanish oil is made from picuda olives grown in Andalusia. It is first-cold-pressed.

500 ml (16.9 oz)

"Our 100% extra virgin olive oil is derived exclusively from the first cold pressing of ripe picuda olives without any water or heat, to preserve all nutrients, flavor, and aroma. Produced in the heart of Andalusia in Priego de Cordoba at the foot of the Subbaetic mountains, an ideal microclimate to grow olives for this award-winning Spanish olive oil. A combination of traditional production methods and an exclusive oil extraction system help maintain all the attributes that make the olive oil exemplary." - Donostia foods