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  • Coffeehaus- Guatemala/Brazil Light Blend - Mongers' Provisions
  • Coffeehaus- Guatemala/Brazil Light Blend - Mongers' Provisions
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Coffeehaus- Guatemala/Brazil Light Blend

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Coffeehaus is a local roaster, supplier, and consultant for cafes and restaurants in the metro-Detroit area. Run by friends Evan, Felix, and Luke – they provide “turnkey coffee programs for emerging and forward-thinking businesses.” They have opened cafes such as Café Alto, and worked with restaurants like Shewolf.

The blending of two origins with coffee bean can be risky business. The blend can easily turn bitter if there is to much of one type. What Coffeehaus has done is they found the perfect pairing. Its a great cup of coffee for your morning wake up routine.

Tasting notes are silky, sweet, and fresh.


Origin: Detroit, MI

Bean Origin: Guatemala and Brazil

Roast: Medium

8oz/ 226.8g