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  • Challerhocker 1/3 lb - Mongers' Provisions
  • Challerhocker 1/3 lb - Mongers' Provisions
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Walter Rass- Challerhocker 1/3 lb

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MOUNTAIN CHEESE! This cheese is rich and savory. Big and full of umami, Challerhocker can hold its own next to the biggest chocolates, wines, or scotch. This is a perennial favorite in our alpine cheese assortment. Walter Rass used to make Appenzeller another famous Swiss cheese that is usually sold much younger than the 10 months Challerhocker is aged. But when his brother-in-law started bringing Jersey cows to Switzerland he was asked if he could make good cheese from the milk. The Jersey Milk is higher in fat than that of the Brown Swiss cows traditionally used in the area. After a bit of tinkering, Challerhocker was born.

Soon Walter stopped making Appenzeller altogether because Challerhocker had taken off, both in Switzerland but especially in the United States. The wheels are washed in brine and have a paste that is dense and incredibly smooth. There are usually just a few crystals floating around for your mouth to find. It will pair well with Brown Ales, Bocks, and fortified wines like sherries and Madeira. #HOLLAFORCHALLERHOCKER


Made by: Walter Rass 

Origin: Tufertschwil, Switzerland

Milk type: Raw Cow Milk

Rennet type: Traditional Rennet