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Arturo Sanchez Iberico Bellota Ham - 1/6 lb  (approx 2.7 oz)

Arturo Sanchez Iberico Bellota Ham - 1/6 lb (approx 2.7 oz)

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Arturo Sánchez works exclusively with well-known Iberian pig breeding experts in the best dehesa fields to the north of Seville to the south of Extremadura. Born and bred in these fields, the pigs roam freely, resulting in a better exercised pig with more oxygenated meat and better fat infiltration. These pigs are acorn-fed for two full seasons, which is twice the standard practice. Twice the age means more fully developed muscle, providing an unmatched flavor and a level of oleic acid surpassed only by olive oil. At Arturo Sánchez in Guijuelo, each ham is hung manually in well ventilated drying sheds in a combination that creates a special character.  The curing process is entirely natural, unrushed, letting Nature act by means of the manual opening and closing of the windows. Patience is a virtue: Arturo Sánchez hams need between 4 and 6 years to achieve their perfect curing. And it’s worth it: time is the ally of this classic Spanish treat.


This product should be enjoyed soon after receipt for optimum flavor and texture. We slice to order by hand.