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Brie Fermier 1/2 lb - Sale

Brie Fermier 1/2 lb - Sale

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This pasteurized farmstead brie is very aromatic, rich and
smooth. It is a soft paste cheese with a bloomy rind that has a
strong terroir fragrance and fruity flavor, with a pronounced
bouquet and subtle hazelnut notes. This brie cheese is
distinguished by an especially creamy and supple texture, with
earthy flavor notes.

Brie Fermier Afffinage d’Excellence is made in a small village of
la Boissiere Ecole, in France near the Rambouillet Forest. This
excellent brie is produced in a traditional manner, where the curd
is cut and stirred by hand. Then these cheeses are turned over
manually in the cellar and packaged by hand.

Pasteurized Cows' Milk