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Levoni Salami Schiacciata Piccante - 1/2 lb

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One of our absolute favorite salamis! We finally have it back in after a long hiatus. Levoni makes a variety of traditional Italian salumi, from prosciutto to soppressata. The Schiacciatta Piccante though is a classic Calabrian style. Schiacciata means pressed or squashed as evidenced by the shape of this salami. Seasoned with chili and fennel we adore the balance between the level of heat and the aromatic fennel. It won't burn with spice but it will delight. We also like the coarse grind to this item which helps it stand out with a more unique texture than similar products that look and taste like oval pepperoni. (Not that we have anything against pepperoni, just when we want pepperoni, we buy that). 

Try the Levoni Schiacciatta on a sandwich or any charcuterie board assortment. We think you'll like it as much as we do.