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Brooklyn Cured Bresaola 1/3 lb (Beef)

Brooklyn Cured Bresaola 1/3 lb (Beef)

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So often, those of us who don't eat pork are left out of the charcuterie trays and antipasto platters. With Brooklyn Cured Bresaola, everyone can enjoy. This eye of beef round is covered in black pepper and mushroom powder, it is dried, then smoked. This Bresaola is so good you won't be missing pork at all.

1/3 lb

"Bresaola with Porcini and Black Pepper  We just made this salumi staple of Lombardy that much better. This dry-cured beef round is elegant and lean, but when seasoned with porcini mushrooms and black pepper, its flavor gets funky and deep. Slice thinly and serve with arugula, Parmigiano, and nice olive oil." - Brooklyn Cured